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Search for your Santa Cruz Lifestyle Home. Do you want a ocean view from your home and walk to the beach? You can find a ocean view home in the mountains that is a 4-5 minute drive to the beach. We call that a Monterey Bay View. Everyone has different lifestyles and they change as we change. Many people want to go where their family is after they have retired. You may have a passion for surfing then Pleasure Point, LightHouse Point are just a few of the places you should check out.

These are some of the neighborhoods that you may like to consider when looking for a lifestyle homes in Santa Cruz.

Santa Cruz is a resort on the beach and in the mountains. If you do not live here full time then you may want to consider owning a beach home for you and your family as a second home for your vacations.


Owning a Vacation Rental Home can help pay for your 2nd home on the Beach.




Pleasure Point Beach Home and Vacation Rental